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Badischer Hof, is a traditional family-run hotel and vineyard, owned and run by the Hahn family for several generations.
The family is always  pleased to welcome visitors, and proud to explain the rich tradition of wine growing associated with the Hahn family and the Nahe valley.


The vineyard is made up of approximately 6 hectares of wine growing area, predominately growing classical white grape varieties of Riesling, Rivaner and Grauburgunder, together with the red grape varieties of Spatburgunder, Dornfelder and Domina.
However other grates such as Bacchus, Kerner and the even rarer Regent variety are also cultivated.  The harvest of 2004 saw for the first time the new grape variety Cabernet Dorsa harvested and mature into a new full bodied red wine.



The quality of the wine begins with the intensive and painstaking care of the vines in the Spring.  This ensures that the vineyards can take full advantage of the long sunny days of the Nahe valley, which provide an idea climate to develop and ripen the grapes.  In the Autumn, the careful harvesting helps the vintner to work his “magic” and produce the distinctive taste of Nahe wine.

Storage in the dark and cool of the Roman cellar beneath the hotel, provides the ideal environment for the fermentation of the grape juice into the new wines.  Here the young wine is able to ripen, develop and mature to its full character, with the distinctive fruity full-bodied yet delicate flavour.



The consistent superb quality of the wines is testament to the combination of handed down experience and the application of modern cellar techniques. Badischer Hof wines typify the quality and traditions of Nahe wines.

A visit to the cellars of Badischer Hof provides the opportunity to ask all those questions you always wanted answered about wine. The Vintner will be pleased to give you a personal and expert consultation on all aspects of wine production.

Many visitors enjoy their stay, and the fine wines, so much that they return again to the relaxing atmosphere of Badischer Hof and the Nahe valley.





In addition to purchasing wines to take home from your Badischer Hof visit, there is also a wine depot facility in the Berlin area from which wines can be collected.  For visitors from the United Kingdom, arrangements can be made for fine wines to be despatched direct to your home address. If you are interested in this possibility, please discuss this with the Vintner at Badischer Hof.


Wine depot facility:

    U. Hahn
    Hubertusstraße 10, 
    16540 Hohen Neuendorf
    Tel.: +49 (0) 3303-505652
    Fax: +49 (0) 3303-505638
    Mobil (D1): +49 (0) 171-3109847






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